Johnny Edwards

Johnny Edwards is a native Dallas artist who has been running his own, local, custom exhibit fabrication shop for over 20 years. His in-depth experience with large-scale creative fabrication techniques has placed him as a foundation in the world of exhibit-building. You can find him at any time of the day creating artwork for customers or simply playing around with scraps at his shop for fun. His art shop, Epicenter, has become a staple in the world of creative design and build-out, and been the birthing grounds for works from artists from around the world. If you’ve been to any area science museum or local public library, you’ve seen his work. If you want to learn cutting-edge techniques to bring any idea you have to life, you need to know him.

Working on displays both substantial and compact in size, Johnny Edwards has built and created thousands of works over the years for both individuals and businesses, including restaurants, retail centers, libraries, theme parks, museums, and other attractions. As an artist, he works with materials from paint, oil, and spray paint to foam, wood, clay, metals, and other articles that exemplify the backbone of his artworks. You can find his works gracing walls, towering displays, and huddled in permanent exhibits across the nation and globe. He’s spent his years both developing his own art and techniques, and teaching others about the world of creativity. A pinnacle in the art scene, he’s provided the building blocks to mentor up-and-comers in essentially all fields, from fine artists, muralists, and tattoo artists to graphic designers, sculptors, and more. Along with his influence as an artist and figurehead, he is a locally known stand-up comedian and musician.