Born in the Philippines, Yun Kim, also know as Yunified Theory, is a South Korean artist who’s spent the last two decades creating music and visual displays in Dallas and NYC prior. With a capacious background in digital graphics and fine art, he is among the forefront of artists using lighting and projection mapping to enhance art and bring static images to life.

Drawing from a history in graphics and game design, Yun Kim personifies a postmodern wave of contemporary artists who have utilized technology and architecture to fuse fine art and lighting design. The optical illusion that his lighting designs add to paintings, murals, portraits, photographs, sculptures, and other hand-crafted art-forms aligns with a newfangled genre of multi-form art that enters the observer into a borderless exhibition with limitless capabilities. Utilizing static art, multimedia, music, and other sensory awakening components, Yun Kim’s works bring viewers into a magical realm that is both uncanny and alluring to the eye.

Working independently and in collaborations with other artists, his works embrace the hybrid medium of circuitry and exemplify the communal nature shared amongst most creatives. His displays showcase the pinnacle of projection art in the modern world, telling a story that is both abstract and narrative, animated and photorealistic, grounded and out of this world.