Jojo Anavim

Blurring the line between mass consumerism and fine art, Jojo Anavim has established a body of work stemming from a background in consumer marketing and brand development.  His works employ rich and vibrant color palates and vinage ephemera.   

Frederic Avella

French artist Frederica Avella creates three-dimensional forms that reflect images and themes from his childhood.  Avella works with numerous art-creation methods and materials, and focuses on themes of cartoons, comics, and animals, subverting how images are typically represented in popular culture. 

Color Condition

The Color Condition’s fluid works change form with every moment – featuring streams of color, depending on the environment, the works can be calm or flowing.  Color Condition has collaborated with Austin City Limits, the Dallas Contemporary, the Nasher Sculpture Center, and Aurora.

Juan Carlos Cristóbal

Juan Carlos Cristóbal is a hyperrealist artist who works mainly with colored pencil and graphite. His works feature elements of pop culture and iconic objects, often with an impactful "twist."  


IZK Davies is an illustrator, designer, painter, muralist, and performer. IZK was the first artist to teach 'street art' at the Dallas Museum of Art. As an active member of his community he has contributed to many neighborhood revitalization projects.

Taher Jaoui

Jaoui’ s work joins together painting and drawing, abstraction and representation. Through a personal language in his compositions, he aims to stimulate a the viewer’s feelings and imagination and let him build his own interpretation of the picture.

Misty Keasler

Misty Keasler’s work often focuses on elements of cultural phenomenon as a portrait of ourselves. In her most recent work about commercial haunted houses she photographed unpopulated interiors and manipulated the images to reflect her memory of the experience of the spaces. She also created studio portraits of actors in costume. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected including a solo exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth in 2017.

Parish Kohanim

With over 30 years of international experience in luxury photography, Parish Kohanim is best known for his depictions of the human form, as well as his celebrity portraits.  Exploring vibrant color and monotone forms, Kohanim features the simplicity of the natural form, and has worked with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Time, and Newsweek.   


Artist LeCash manipulates images of pop culture in layers, allowing the meanings to change with every viewing. 

Michael McPheeters

Michael McPheeters is a multifaceted contemporary artist, activist and graffiti writer. McPheeters creates large-scale murals for clients, and uses his talents to tackle social issues and causes.

Denis Mikhaylov

Paintings by Denis Mikhaylov act as a revitalization of art history, as he draws upon themes and images of works by Old Masters and contemporary painters. Awarded first prize of the London Biennale in 2015, Mikhaylov has been exhibited at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the State Hermitage Museum.  

Laura Moore

Experienced in the business of art creation, Laura Moore creates works that have been featured in the Dallas Morning News, the American Church in Paris, the Holocaust Museum Houston, and Dallas Style & Design.  Her geometric abstractions explore color and form.  

Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash has been pushing pop culture’s envelope for almost a decade, bringing his art to the street, the gallery, and on screen. Mr. Brainwash is unlike any artist today. His shows are journeys – self-guided tours through a pop culture wonderland: colorful and beautiful. His artwork is a pure sensory experience and like so many of the subjects depicted in Mr. Brainwash’s art, his works are timeless, reflecting human aspirations and the voice that screams, “Follow Your Dreams.”


not.travis combines abstract paintings, photography, and street art to explore themes of popular culture, individuality, identity, and philanthropy.  His explorations of color and personality have helped form the cultural identities of cities around the world through his collaborative mural work.

Punk Me Tender

Anonymous street artist Punk Me Tender is best known for his positive murals and nature-infused digital works.  Based in Los Angeles, Punk Me Tender promotes love, tolerance, and freedom, and uses three dimensional forms to bring his works to life.


ThanxZoe combines abstract painting, photography, color, and light itself to form her works of art.  Through her art, ThanxZoe explores themes of beauty and reimagines nostalgic images, brands, and phrases. 

Lidia Vitkovskaya

Lidia Vitkovskaya creates conceptual works which explore freedom, identity, and culture.  Often fusing digital methods and varied materials, Vitkovskaya creates a story with each work, often focused on socially topical ideas.  Vitkovskaya’s works have been exhibited at the Florence Biennale, and Venice Biennale, the London Art Biennale, and Art Miami.