Psychedelic Robot, a pop up immersive art gallery, brings sensory tickling experience to Dallas


From coast to coast a new trend of immersive, pop up art galleries is sweeping the country.

At the forefront of the movement is the color factory in San Francisco which was such a hit they are now launching one in New York. And now the trend is hitting Dallas.

In an explosion of color and sensory tickling experiences, breathtaking art pulls you in and takes you for a ride at Psychedelic Robot, a brand new pop-up immersion gallery in Dallas.

“It’s a way that people can come in and actually immerse themselves into the art.”

Michael Bivins, an art gallery owner, helped create the one-of-a-kind event featuring 13 artists from around the world.

He says “What they do is they create these vignettes and it’s not like a normal art fair where you see a booth and art hanging on the wall, these artists kind of create their own living breathing world.”

Travis McCan, one of the artists describes his work: “Pretty much what you see here is everything from my studio.”

McCan takes patrons into his studio in this re-creation, allowing people to immerse themselves in his creative process and he even has a few surprises along the way.

“Kind of a hidden neon type room. I’ve taken the abstract gestures from my mural that I have created and kind of turned them into neon lights.”

And for artists like Travis, this immersion concept is a dream.

He says “This is amazing. As an artist to have a place where you can do whatever you want and show it to thousands of people is amazing.”

As for Bivins, he hopes this immersion experience shows people how accessible the arts really are.

“When art first came out hundreds and hundreds of years ago it was for everybody. It was for the people. A lot of people think art is just for very wealthy people. Well it’s not. That is what this is all about. If you’re starting out, if you’re an experienced collector, if you are in the middle. We have something for everyone.”

Psychedelic Robot kicked off last night and runs for 10 days.

The ultimate goal is to create such an in demand gallery they can bring it to other cities! To learn more or if you are going to be in the Dallas area anytime soon visit

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