Ryan Stalsby

Artist of Chapter 7 & 8​

Ryan Stalsby took an interest in art at an early age, drawing his first pictures for his grandmother at the age of five. It wasn’t until high school that he really indulged himself into utilizing his creativity to build a career in fine art and design.

After graduating with honors from the Art Institute of Dallas in 2006 with a degree in 3d Animation Art and Design. He worked professionally as a 3d Artist and Graphic Designer for several years, but his desire to work more hands-on and traditional led him to drawing and painting more and more. 

His wide range of subject matter and approach to composition, color, and design have evolved in his work over the past twenty years. Finding inspiration in the people and world that surrounds him is what keeps leading him back to the easel and walls of the city. Nature and the human figure have always taken precedence in his personal work. The human condition and connection to nature is an ongoing theme which reveals itself differently according to the viewer.