Geoff Case

Geoff Case is an American artist, entrepreneur, and creative visionary. In 2019, Geoff decided to create artwork under the name Giavici after placing his first piece into Psychedelic Robot, the exhibition that inspired him to create his first piece as a professional artist. “Giavici” is a word he created to express the “complete and utter freedom” his work strives to embody, His unique artwork fuses holograms, projection mapping and various other emerging technologies into tradition artistic mediums and platforms.

The pieces contain fragments from all of his obsessions: music, gaming, drawing, painting, sculpting, 3D modeling, video projection mapping, holograms, architecture, science, and engineering. Giavici’s love of technology and exploring its ever changing relationship with humanity give his art a unique perspective while utilizing his extremely diverse and versatile skill set to produce something unseen in the art world before. The combination of all these elements creates a genre-bending vision and hybrid art form that a very limited number on earth would have the passion, vision, or ability to create. A few of Giavici’s more notable commercial projects include the Borderlands video game series, album covers for Vic Mensa, Eddie Palmeri and Col. Bruce Hampton and the iconic Dallas Mavericks Skyline NBA jersey. This “emerging” artist’s work has already been seen by billions across the world.