THEO PONCHAVELI is a celebrated, professional, self-taught artist, blessed with a God-given talent to create art murals, canvas paintings, custom portraits, apparel printing, promotional products and so much more. His unique ability to portray iconic celebrities, as well as everyday people, has captured viewers with an unspoken depth. His work includes several iconic portraits of SELENA, JFK, MICHAEL JACKSON, ALBERT EINSTEIN, BRUCE LEE, MUHAMMAD ALI, PRINCE, DIRK NOWITSKI and other respected and recognized celebrities, from Dallas and abroad. He has also been hosting “Ponchaveli Paint Parties,” where he hosts a class and provides instruction to transform every guest’s canvas into a masterpiece. Ponchaveli has been highlighted by Fortune 500 companies, television networks (both locally and internationally, as well as every major newspaper across the United States, but he still maintains that the art always comes first, followed by the power to make change, and leaving respect as the last–but not the least–consideration.